Julius Menge
Chair of Department

The department of Tourism & Hospitality Management at Kisii University was created in May 2014. This was after a request to Management to house tourism and hospitality programs in the then Faculty of Business Management (now referred to as School of Business & Economics). Before this, Catering & Hotel Management was in Faculty of business and Bsc. Ecotourism & hospitality Management was in the then Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Resource Management. The housing of the two programs in one faculty was meant to streamline/harmonize curriculum instruction in the two areas. It was also meant to give room to expand programs offered in the areas of tourism and hospitality and thereby grow enrolment in programs in tourism and hospitality fields of study.

Currently, we have seven undergraduate and two post graduate programs with over 200 students enrolled in the department. Till now, the department has over 150 alumni/graduates some working in various companies across the world. 


The undergraduate programs include;

  • Certificate in Tourism & Hospitality
  • Certificate in Hotel & Hospitality
  • Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality
  • Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality
  • Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Hotel & Hospitality Management
  • and Bachelor of Tours & Travel Management.

The Postgraduate programs include;

  • Masters in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism Management.

The department of  Management Science is run by 11 permanent members of staff with qualifications in these fields of study. In addition, we have eight adjunct staff who support learning activities at the department as well as support administration staff running the offices.

Staff Members

  1. Mr. Julius Menge                                    – Ass. Lecturer(COD)  
  2. Ms. Milka Wafula                                    – Ass. Lecturer
  3. Ms. Eliza Buyeke                                     – Ass. Lecturer
  4. Ms. Eunice Mukolwe                              – Ass. Lecturer
  5. Ms. Nancy K. Momanyi                         – Ass. Lecturer
  6. Ms. Frimar Koome                                 – Ass. Lecturer
  7. Ms. Rosemary Malonza                         – Ass. Lecturer