ProgrammeMinimum qualificationsMode of StudyDuration
1PhD in Business Administration ; PhD in Procurement &Logistics Management ; PhD in Tourism Management ; PhD in Entrepreneurship and Management ; PhD in EconomicsHolders of Masters degree in relevant field or its equivalent from a recognized Institution/University.Full Time/ Part time3 Years
2Masters in Human Resource; Master of Business Administration, Economics; Msc. in Project Management, Monitoring &Evaluations; Msc. in Finance &Investment; Msc. in Project Management; Msc. in Procurement and Logistics Management; Master of Purchasing and Logistics Management; Msc. in Entrepreneurship& Management; Msc. in Marketing ; Master of Tourism & Hospitality Management ; Master of Entrepreneurship;Bachelor’s degree with at least second Class Honours (Upper Division) and above OR Second Class Honours (Lower Division) with at least two years’ experience from the Date of Graduation.Full Time/ Part time2 Years
3Bachelor of Commerce; Bachelor of Entrepreneurship & Management (BEAM)., Bachelor of Purchasing & Supplies Management; Bachelor of Cooperative Management; Bachelor of Business Information Management; Bachelor of Human Resource Management; Bachelor of Secretarial Management & Administration; Bsc. in Project Management ; Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management ; Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management ; Bachelor of Tours & Travel Management, Bachelor of Business & ManagementMean Grade of C+ (plus) in KCSE with a C (plain) in Mathematics & English/Kiswahili OR Diploma in related field from a recognized institution.Full Time/ Part time4 Years
4Bachelor of Science in Economics and StatisticsMean Grade of C+ (plus) in KCSE with a minimum grade of C+ (Plus) in Mathematics or Economics/Commerce/Accounting/B usiness Studies or a certificate in a Bridging course in Mathematics from a recognized institution.Full Time/ Part time4 Years
5Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Sales and Marketing, Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Marketing Management, Diploma in Co- operative Management, Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality Management, Diploma in Tours & Hospitality Management, Diploma in Project Management, Diploma in County Leadership Management, Diploma in Secretarial Management , Diploma in Procurement & Logistics Management, Diploma in Accounting and Finance, Diploma in credit Management, Diploma in Risk Management, Diploma in Financial Analysis, Diploma in Tax Consultancy,Mean Grade C- in K.C.S.E with a D (Plain) in Mathematics OR Certificate in a related area with a credit pass from a recognized institutionFull Time/ Part time2 Years
6Diploma in Business Information TechnologyMean Grade C- (Minus) in K.C.S.E with a C- (Minus) in Mathematics & English OR Certificate in a related area with a credit pass from a recognized institutionFull Time/ Part time2 Years
7Certificate in Sales & Marketing, Certificate in Human Resource Management, Certificate in Stores and Supplies Management, Certificate in Project Management, Certificate in Business Administration, Certificate in Marketing Management, Certificate in Co-operative Management , Certificate in Hotel & Hospitality Management, Certificate in Accounting & Finance, Certificate in Secretarial Management & Administration, Certificate in Risk Management, Certificate in Credit Management, Certificate in Financial Analysis, Certificate in Tax Consultancy.KCSE Mean Grade of D+ (plus ) or its equivalentFull Time/ Part time1 Year